Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps are fast becoming a popular choice for energy-conscious homeowners who are looking to install renewable energy solutions. They can help homeowners to significantly reduce energy consumption and lower heating bills, as well as lowering carbon footprint.

Heat pumps use the environment to generate 75% of the heating and hot water needs for your home, meaning that you’re less reliant on energy providers. And with the Boiler Replacement Scheme, eligible households can get £5,000 rebate from the Government.

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Vaillant air source heat pumps installer

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Using the results from your free site survey, I’ll provide a system design and specification to suit your household’s individual needs. All with no obligation.

MCS Accredited

Our MCS accreditation gives you the confidence that I will provide a quality installation and it gives me the authority to approve your Boiler Replacement Scheme grant.

Quality assured

As a Vaillant Advance Renewable Partner, you will receive a market-leading product, with local and trusted service. I am audited to ensure I give clients the best possible service.

Service & warranty

Protect your investment with a service plan. All installations come with a 2 years warranty on workmanship, as well as the manufacturer’s warranty.

Why install an air source heat pump?

Lower bills & easier to manage

Moving to a heat pump means you can avoid the gas and oil price hikes. If you currently use oil, LPG, or electric heating, you could even see a reduction to your energy bill. In fact, if you are using oil or LPG imagine no longer needing to organise deliveries. You could even save space as your storage tank will be redundant!

Reduce your carbon footprint

Heat pumps are significantly more efficient than traditional boilers and use cleaner electricity, so will reduce your home’s carbon footprint. 

Future proof your home

Heat pumps are an important part of the future of heating homes in the UK. So much so, that gas and oil boilers are being phased out of new builds from 2025. Future proof your home with an air source heat pump.

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